Ballin on a Budget 

help the homeless though lol
life as we know it

We all want to dress like the Stars!! But sometimes they way out bank accounts are set up, you would feel like that’s not possible. But what I’m here to do is help with that. I love to dress up!! But I don’t have the money to afford Chanel, Dior or Christian Loubitin at the moment lol .. So it’s all about improvising!! Use what you have and find what you need! I shop anywhere.. I want people to remember to have true style it’s not about what you were it’s how you were it.. I’ve seen people with expensive clothing on and still look tacky as hell!! So don’t think because it cost more it’s better. When shopping don’t buy trendy items! I always sit back and think before purchasing anything is this something that I can wear forever.. Yes I think forever!! Because if not then it’s not worth it. Trends fade style is forever!! So don’t be afraid to venture to your local thrift store or consignment shop.. They often have a lot of good treasures you wouldn’t find anywhere else! So go exploring and set yourself a goal of what you need and how much you are willing to spend and always remember to ask yourself is this something that I will wear next year or the year after if not leave it on the rack !!! 


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